Reflecting on a Night of Jazz: The 22nd Anniversary of the Jazz Network Foundation

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Detroit, MI: Ten years ago, in 2013, the Jazz Network Foundation marked its 22nd anniversary with a spectacular celebration, “Back to the SereNgeti”. A special highlight of the event was the performance by the renowned Marcus Belgrave, whose trumpet sang through the halls of the Carr Center, weaving a tapestry of sound that captivated every attendee.

The SereNgeti Quartet and Winard Harper

The SereNgeti Quartet, with jazz percussionist Winard Harper (percussion), Ralph Armstrong (bass) and Marcus Elliot (saxophone), graced the stage with performances that paid homage to the rich jazz traditions of Detroit. The event, supported by the Knight Foundation, was not just an anniversary; it was a testament to the enduring vibrancy of jazz in Detroit.

Marcus Belgrave: A Performance to Remember

Although Marcus Belgrave was very much alive at the time, his performance at the event is now remembered with a deep sense of reverence. As a virtuoso who had played with a constellation of stars from Ray Charles to Ella Fitzgerald, Belgrave’s contribution to the celebration was a momentous occasion, now cherished in memory following his passing in 2015.

A Decade Later: The Legacy Continues

Today, as we look back a decade later at that memorable evening, we celebrate not just the anniversary of the Jazz Network Foundation, but also the remarkable legacy left by Marcus Belgrave. His spirit continues to inspire and influence musicians and jazz lovers alike, ensuring that the rhythm he so loved keeps beating at the heart of Detroit’s cultural scene.

The 22nd Anniversary of the Jazz Network Foundation was more than an event; it was a milestone in a journey of musical excellence and passion—a journey that continues to resonate through the city’s vibrant jazz community.

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