Spirit of Detroit Award

In a poignant 2013 Jazz Network Foundation anniversary ceremony that resonates with the heartbeats of Detroit, Bill Foster, the venerable founder of the Jazz Network Foundation, was honored with the esteemed Spirit of Detroit Award. This accolade, conferred upon those who embody the resilience and soul of the city, is a resounding affirmation of Foster’s profound impact on Detroit’s cultural landscape.

The Spirit of Detroit Award, a recognition of extraordinary contribution and commitment to the people of Detroit, found a deserving recipient in Foster. His tireless work through the Jazz Network Foundation has rekindled the flame of jazz in the city, fostering new talent and providing a platform for the legends of jazz to shine once more. This award is not just a personal achievement for Foster; it is a testament to the Foundation’s success in nurturing a vibrant jazz community.

This honor speaks volumes about the city’s recognition of jazz as an integral part of its identity. Foster’s leadership in bringing jazz education and performance to the forefront has not only preserved the legacy of jazz in Detroit but has also positioned the genre as a key player in the city’s ongoing renaissance. The Spirit of Detroit Award presented to Bill Foster is a beacon of inspiration, echoing the Jazz Network Foundation’s belief that music can be a transformative force for good in the community.

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