Donate to Jazz Network Foundation for Giving Tuesday

Support the Jazz Network Foundation this Giving Tuesday 2023

We invite you to join the Jazz Network Foundation in our enduring commitment to celebrate and elevate the rich tapestry of jazz music in Detroit. Your generous donations play a crucial role in sustaining our diverse initiatives, from the exhilarating Jazz-Off Competition that spotlights emerging and established talents, to our educational outreach programs that delve deep into the heart of jazz’s legacy and innovation. Each contribution enables us to keep jazz’s vibrant rhythm alive in our community, expand our digital and community engagement, and ensure that the timeless art of jazz continues to inspire and thrive. Let’s keep the music playing together — your support on this Giving Tuesday will resonate throughout the year, fostering a cultural renaissance that enriches lives and uplifts spirits. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us to preserve and reimagine this vital part of our cultural heritage.