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We invite you to join the Jazz Network Foundation in our enduring commitment to celebrate and elevate the rich tapestry of jazz music in Detroit. Your generous donations play a crucial role in sustaining our diverse initiatives, from the exhilarating Jazz-Off Competition that spotlights emerging and established talents, to our educational outreach programs that delve deep into the heart of jazz’s legacy and innovation. Each contribution enables us to keep jazz’s vibrant rhythm alive in our community, expand our digital and community engagement, and ensure that the timeless art of jazz continues to inspire and thrive. Let’s keep the music playing together — your support on this Giving Tuesday will resonate throughout the year, fostering a cultural renaissance that enriches lives and uplifts spirits. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us to preserve and reimagine this vital part of our cultural heritage.


The Jazz Network Foundation – Elevating Jazz in Detroit

Vision and Mission

The Jazz Network Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Bill Foster, stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and innovation in Detroit’s jazz landscape. For over four decades, the foundation has been instrumental in nurturing, showcasing, and elevating jazz music, aligning perfectly with the Kresge Arts Foundation’s mission of promoting artistic expression in Michigan.

Legacy and Impact

Founded by Bill Foster, a titan in the jazz world, the Foundation embodies his over fifty years of dedication to jazz. Foster, renowned for his role in shaping Detroit’s jazz scene, has been recognized with the Jazz Guardian award from the Detroit International Jazz Festival. His legacy includes mentoring numerous artists and promoting jazz legends, contributing immeasurably to Detroit’s cultural and artistic vibrancy.

Key Initiatives

  1. Jazz-Off Competition: This flagship program is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement. It’s a platform where emerging and established musicians showcase their talents, fostering a dynamic exchange between different generations of jazz artists.
  2. Educational Outreach: The foundation extends its reach beyond performances, engaging the community through educational workshops. These sessions delve into jazz’s rich history, techniques, and its evolving role in contemporary society.
  3. Community Engagement: The Foundation’s commitment to bringing jazz to non-traditional venues is a cornerstone of its mission. This initiative not only democratizes access to jazz but also contributes to the socio-economic revitalization of Detroit, aligning with the Kresge Foundation’s focus on community impact.
  4. Digital Presence and Outreach: In today’s digital era, the Jazz Network Foundation stays ahead of the curve with a robust online presence. This includes a dedicated website, social media campaigns, and live streaming of events, widening the reach and impact of jazz.

The Opportunity for Partnership

The Jazz Network Foundation and the Kresge Arts Foundation share a common goal: to enrich Michigan’s cultural landscape. This synergy presents an opportunity for a fruitful partnership, where combined efforts can significantly amplify the impact on the arts and the community at large. With Kresge’s support, the Jazz Network Foundation can expand its programs, deepen its community engagement, and continue to be a pivotal force in the cultural renaissance of Detroit.

In Conclusion

The Jazz Network Foundation, driven by Bill Foster’s enduring legacy, is not just preserving jazz; it is reimagining it for new generations, making it a vibrant and essential part of Detroit’s cultural fabric. The Foundation invites the Kresge Arts Foundation to join in this journey of artistic excellence and community transformation, together creating a legacy that resonates far beyond the boundaries of Detroit.

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Jazz-Off: Revitalizing Detroit’s Jazz Scene with Knight Foundation’s Support

Detroit, MI: In the heart of Detroit, a new rhythm is pulsating, breathing new life into the city’s historic jazz scene. The Jazz-Off, an innovative program by the Jazz Network Foundation, has become a beacon of cultural renaissance, thanks in part to a generous matching fund grant of $20,000 from the Knight Foundation.

A New Chapter in Detroit’s Jazz Legacy

Jazz-Off isn’t just a competition; it’s a movement. Conceived by the Jazz Network Foundation, founded by jazz veteran Bill Foster, this initiative seeks to rekindle Detroit’s once-thriving jazz culture. The program involves a competition for solo and group jazz artists, aimed at discovering and showcasing the finest talents in Detroit’s jazz scene.

The Knight Foundation’s Role

The Knight Foundation, known for its commitment to fostering artistic excellence, has recognized the potential of Jazz-Off in its mission to revitalize the cultural landscape of Detroit. The $20,000 grant is not just a financial boost; it’s a vote of confidence in the power of music to bring about social and economic rejuvenation.

The Competition: A Melting Pot of Talent

Jazz-Off’s competition format is a masterstroke in inclusivity and excellence. Divided into two age groups – under and over 30 – it bridges generational gaps and creates mentorship opportunities. The under-30 band infuses the competition with fresh, innovative ideas, while the over-30 band offers wisdom and experience, creating a rich tapestry of jazz styles and techniques.

Beyond the Stage

But Jazz-Off’s ambitions go beyond discovering talent. The program includes workshops on jazz etiquette, jamming techniques, and interactive sessions for jazz enthusiasts and newcomers alike. This educational aspect ensures that Jazz-Off is not only about entertainment but also about enlightenment and engagement with the art form.

Impact on Detroit’s Socio-Economic Fabric

The significance of Jazz-Off extends to Detroit’s socio-economic recovery. By bringing jazz to unconventional venues and tapping into the city’s rich musical heritage, the program is playing a crucial role in changing perceptions about Detroit, attracting business and investment, and fostering a sense of community pride.

Digital Innovation

In an era where digital presence is key, Jazz-Off leverages a dynamic website and social media to create buzz. Live streaming of events makes the program accessible to a broader audience, further amplifying its impact.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Collaboration

Jazz-Off stands as a testament to what can be achieved when passion for music converges with purposeful funding. The Knight Foundation’s support has been instrumental in turning this vision into a vibrant reality. As Jazz-Off continues to grow, it not only celebrates Detroit’s jazz heritage but also heralds a future where music is an integral part of the city’s resurgence. In the words of Bill Foster, “We’re not just playing jazz; we’re igniting a cultural revolution, one note at a time.”

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